Mission of Precious Gems Supportive Services (PGSS)

Precious Gems Supportive Services (PGSS) is a community based (501© (3)) organization that provides bereavement/grief, loss and transition support for vulnerable populations. These populations would include children, the elderly and ethnic minorities; however, services are given to all regardless of ability to pay.
PGSS has established a program that recognizes that grief is a normal part of life and offers a safe place for people to express those feelings, within their own communities. Most services are provided in the community in which people live instead of taking them out of their proverbial comfort zone (their neighborhood) to provide bereavement and grieve counseling or support.

Vision of PGSS

Our vision is to provide information and educational programs relating to grief and loss for healthcare professionals, community leaders, teachers, and clergy.

Motto: Helping Hurting Hearts to Heal